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The Bean Babysitter: Proper coffee storage!

You love your coffee, and so do we. We went through the hard work of finding just the right bean for our taste and then found the freshest roasted bean possible. We race home, open the bag and give it a big sniff. Oh, the smell of coffee!

We hastily throw a handful of beans in the grinder and start warming up the brew kettle.

We brew our favorite cup, sit down at the table and sip the fruits of our labor of picking out just the right coffee for us.

We reach the end of the cup and go on about our day, thinking back to that exciting new blend we just enjoyed, but we made a big mistake. In our hastiness, we forgot to properly store our coffee to ensure we continue to receive the same flavors and aromas every morning.

But do not fret, you are here, reading this blog, and will prevent this from ever happening to you again.

Let's get into the details.

Like all things, your beans have enemies. No, I'm not talking about tea or other beverages you sometimes choose over coffee (we think they all have their place!), I'm talking about air, moisture, heat and light or AMHL for short. Actually, that acronym doesn't work well, so forget I ever said that.