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Put side by side, coffee roasted using the hot air method has the purest taste, is less acidic and bitter than drum roasted coffee. This difference comes down to how the chaf (outer husk of the bean) is managed. In the traditional drum method, there is no means of removing the chaf from the drum. The chaf often smokes and burns causing undesirable flavors in the brewed cup, particularly dark roasted coffees. Since there is a continuous flow of hot air up through the beans and out, as the chaf breaks away from the beans, it is blown out, removing the possibility of the unnecessary off-flavors mentioned above.


Hot air roasting provides a more consistent roast and flavor in every batch. The traditional gas and drum method roasts the beans mostly through transferring the heat through the metal surface of the drum. As the beans tumble through the drum or are stirred with the mechanical arm, each new position provides a different amount of heat based on its relative location to the hot surface. Hot air roasting on the other hand, the beans levitate and rotate through a bed of continuous hot air, called a fluid bed. As each bean floats through this hot air vortex, they are evenly roasted on all sides by the consistent temperature forced through the chamber. In many situations, drum roasted coffee is roasted “to color”, which we all know can be a subjective measurement. Hot air roasted coffee on the other hand, roast “to temperature”, stopping the process as it reaches a predetermined time and temperature. This method allows for more precision, duplicating batches each time to produce the same color, flavor profile and aroma our coffee drinkers have grown to love.


Using this untraditional hot air method, we are able to roast the beans up to 50% faster than drum roasting. Longer roasting times means more flavor loss resulting in a bean that is further from its true flavor. Shorter roasting times also means more roasts per hour, allowing us to roast to order, providing you with the freshest coffee possible!


After reading the above information, we knew you would probably be asking this question and we wonder the same thing, but do have a few observations. First off, since air roasting is currently less popular, there are less companies making air roasters, driving up the cost to purchase. Also, the roasting capacity is substantially less for air roasting machines. This limits the roasting capacity for the larger roasting companies making air roasting an unviable option. We take pride in the extra work involved in producing small batches, knowing this leads to a better tasting product. Order a bag today and taste the differences mentioned above!

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