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Coffee Cocktails!

cocktails with coffee blog post by black silo coffee roasting. A perfect read for your party needs

Throughout our life, we love every opportunity to spend with family and friends celebrating all of life's achievements as well as those special holidays each year. What usually comes with these parties is a lot of food and sometimes some adult beverages for fun filled events.

There is one holiday in particular everyone loves enjoying: New Years Eve! This special day allows all of us to reflect on the many events that transpired over the last 12 months and to get excited about the changes that may be coming in the next twelve. But one thing we've noticed as we continue the aging process, it becomes increasingly more difficult to stay awake until midnight! Maybe the kids wore us out, or we ate too much food. Whatever the reason, we had the great idea of seeing if we could come up with a list of adult drinks that also contain coffee, to help get you to that ball drop! Enjoy the curated list of 11 coffee cocktail recipes below and please comment if you have a special favorite you would like to share with others!

Before you get started, we have a