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Here's why coffee can help your new year's resolutions!

Personal resolutions have become a big part of the New Year’s process. This is the perfect time to reflect on the good and the bad in the previous year, and how we can make improvements in the coming 12 months. The Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday food gorging parties are over, making January first a great time to hit the reset button. Here in the US, many people land on health as their top priority. These new health initiatives usually come in two flavors: eating better or exercising more. Many times, people choose both. So, where does coffee come into the new year’s resolution process? What people don’t realize is coffee can help with overall health and exercise, so read on to see why you shouldn't kick your coffee habit to the curb. Leave a comment below on how you are using coffee to aid in your new year's resolutions!

Coffee has been the recipient of many studies showing its positive benefits on the human body. It also doubles as the perfect enhancement for those looking to exercise more. Let’s start with the health benefits.