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Thanksgiving Day Food Pairing Guide

Coffee and food pairing guide

With Thanksgiving just a few days away, are you frantically putting together your meal plan like we are? Below are a number of food and coffee pairing ideas to help make this year the best Thanksgiving spread yet!

Let's get the day started right

It's going to be a long day so we recommend starting the morning off right with our Breakfast Blend or Blond Cocoa to wake the senses and get those Thanksgiving Day juices flowing.

Appetizer time!

Let's give those taste buds a jolt before the big meal. With your appetizers, serve up a dark roast that is smooth but full of intense flavor to help open up those senses. Our Black Silo Espresso is the perfect blend of South, Central America and African beans, packing the flavor is a smooth way.

Turkey Time

We recommend a well balanced brew with a smooth sweetness to pair nicely with the seasoned turkey. Our Rio Dolce beans make a well balanced cup with the perfect smooth sweetness you'll be looking for. Bonus tip: caffeine helps combat that infamous turkey coma. Grandpa may still nod off, but you'll be powering thru cleanup duty!

And then there was...


There will be many desserts to choose from but it's just not Thanksgiving without at least one pumpkin pie! An Ethiopian coffee, with its sweet fruity and floral tones will pair perfectly with the earthy tones from this fall favorite pie. Our Black Nile or Black Nile Decaf checks all those boxes.

All of our coffees mentioned above and in our shop can be purchased as individual 1 lb or 5lb bags as well via a subscription plan for discounted, monthly deliveries to your door!

Did you find the perfect pairing? Share your pics and comments below!

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