2020 Coffee Gadget Gift Guide

2020 Black Silo Coffee Gadget Gift Guide

Every coffee enthusiast loves their gadgets almost as much as their favorite coffee (just ask our wives!), so we decided to round up some gift ideas for that special coffee enthusiast in your life. Below are recommendations that we personally own, we think would make great gifts, or are essentials for coffee enthusiasts. We couldn't list every gadget out there, so please comment with your favorite gadget not listed and share this post so all of your coffee friends can benefit from this awesome list!

Let's start with the most important gadgets to preserve and enjoy the quality of your freshly roasted beans and work down the list to the "nice to haves".


First on the list is coffee storage containers. We can't stress enough the importance of properly storing your whole or ground coffee. The minute after coffee is done roasting, the degradation process begins and the best way to slow that down is by properly storing your beans in an airtight container. Here's a highly rated container on amazon


Outside of proper storage, your grinder is your single most important coffee gadget. You can have the freshest, most amazingly flavorful beans on the planet, but if you have an inconsistent grinder, then you aren't going to get a uniform extraction of both the flavor and caffeine. Spend the extra money on a burr over a blade grinder as they produce a more consistent grind. Blade grinders have a tendency to provide some small grinds but also some larger pieces of the coffee bean. This can lead to over and under extracted coffee during the brewing process (it's harder to get water into larger pieces of coffee beans). No one likes a rough bitterness that burns the throat (over extracted) or sour tasting coffee (under extracted). We personally have this Baratza grinder and absolutely love the grind quality and almost infinite number of grind settings it offers, from a Turkish (fine powder) all the way up to your coarsest of coarse grinds for cold brews and french pressing.


Before you can get that perfect grind though, you need an accurate scale. Each coffee brewing recipe either calls for a certain number of grams of coffee or a coffee to water ratio. Either way, a great scale is invaluable to dialing in your recipes. No more eyeballing your quantities like a mad scientist! We recommend a scale with a large base in case you are weighing directly in your brewing gadget, option to tare the weight, and can read in grams. A nice add on would be a built in timer. The Acai scales are on the more expensive side but are super nerdy with their bluetooth capabilities that pair with their brewing apps to log brew times, scale data, etc. A highly rated yet more economical option would be the Timemore scale


After your grind, you want consistent water temps so you can match your favorite recipes! Look for a kettle that has a goose neck for easier pouring. The Stag Brew Kettle is a more expensive option but highly recommended by barista's for home use. It has precise temp control as well as the ability to keep the kettle at 200 degrees for up to an hour. The Hario Brew Kettle is for a more economical option and is used on the stovetop.