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As one of the world’s most consumed products, coffee helps power the lives of humans everywhere, but coffee is not only consumed for its energy content, but also for the taste. Both of these reasons are why we started Black Silo Coffee Roasting in 2017. We came to realize that we simply could not find a local product that we felt gave us the boost we were looking for while also providing an amazing taste.

Our journey, like most entrepreneurs, started small but full of ambition. We cleared some space in a garage and tried our hand at roasting, using a chicken rotisserie, which produced only 1 pound of roasted beans an hour! It was a lot of work for such a small amount, but we were passionate about producing a quality product, so we stuck with it. We spent months dialing in a few recipes, continually experimenting with different coffees and recruiting our friends and family as unbiased taste testers, all of which helped lay the foundation for the solid lineup we have today.  During this time, a local coffee shop became interested in our product and just a few short months later, we went all in by purchasing our first professionally designed coffee roaster. 

We spent hours researching the different commercial roasting machines and methods. Through this exhaustive research, we came to the realization that, not only could we make great tasting coffee, but we could provide a better and more consistent taste profile. This was done by utilizing a non-traditional approach to the roasting process. In 2017, we were one of only TWO roasters in the state of Iowa that were using a hot air method, while the rest were using the traditional gas and drum method. Click the link below to learn more about the Hot Air Difference.

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