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At Black Silo Coffee Roasting, we understand the importance of coffee to people's daily lives, not just for its energy-boosting properties, but also for its incredible taste. That's why we founded our company in 2017, determined to create a local product that delivers on both fronts. Our journey began small, roasting just 1 pound of beans an hour using a chicken rotisserie in a garage. But our passion for quality and taste kept us going, and after months of experimentation, we created a solid lineup of coffee blends that we're proud of.

As we gained more attention and interest from a local coffee shop, we decided to invest in a professional coffee roaster. We researched extensively and discovered the benefits of using a non-traditional approach to roasting: hot air roasting. In fact, in 2017, we were one of only two roasters in the state of Iowa using this method, which we found provides a better and more consistent taste profile compared to the traditional gas and drum method.

At Black Silo Coffee Roasting, we take pride in our commitment to quality and taste. We want to share the Hot Air Difference with coffee lovers everywhere, so click the link below to learn more about our process and try our delicious blends for yourself.

About Us: About
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